Our Community Outreach Ministry is designed to focus on the needs of the community at large and individuals. Members use various sources to determine where a need exists that can possibly be met within the means of the church's current resources. Below you will find information about a person who we have been a blessing to. Selections are evaluated by the Board of Directors and a "short list" is presented to the Pastor. A selection is then made from the Pastor's recommendations and a vote by the Board. If you would like to help us expand our resources to help more people, please contact us for donations.

As of part of our mission to reach out to those in need, and to offer resources necessary to sustain life, Greater Deliverance Church of God in Christ, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit set out to bless a family in need. Pastor Mitchell, Evangelist Mitchell, and two members of the Board of Directors recently obtained a "letter to Santa" from the U.S. Postal Service, Main Post Office at Harrison and Canal in downtown Chicago. After reading through several of the many thousand letters available, a letter from a family in Robbins, Illinois was chosen. A young mother requested clothing for her children, a Christmas meal for her family, a TV and DVD player. Greater Deliverance was happy to be able to fulfill her wish. On Christmas Eve, Pastor Mitchell and Board Members presented the family with a food basket with turkey and trimmings, a 19-inch color TV, DVD player, clothing for two children, a King James Bible, and a letter of encouragement from Pastor Mitchell. Greater Deliverance will add this family to our prayer list, maintain contact with them and continue to encourage them.